Who are we?

We are an Irish business, established in 1988 with a first love of bronze & resin sculpture. That company is called Genesis Fine Arts, created by our founder Tony Collins.

Step back in time and discover a tale of beginnings. In the trying era of the 80s, while people endured the hardships of unemployment and adversity, Tony Collins faced that harsh reality. During this difficult period, Tony, a very determined and creative person poured his passion into creating something extraordinary – Genesis Fine Arts – a little piece of life. His love of sculpture, clays and art led the way for the brand that has evolved over the years, yet remined true to its original form of bronze and resin sculpture. Jackie, Tony’s wife, actively contributed to the development of the business’s vision and strategy, in addition to assuming leadership responsibilities within the retail division of the group. The shared determination and drive of Tony and Jackie played a crucial role in their successful establishment of the business.

Since its beginning and the incredible journey over the past 35 years, Genesis has become one of Ireland’s and UKs most cherished and valued collections of giftware and sculpture. The collection includes themes of Horses, Animals, Occasions, Love, Traditional and Children.

In 2000 Mindy Brownes Interiors was born. This came about from the love of art and sculpture and so naturally led to a progression towards the home décor market. A stunning Lighting Collection was developed by the founder and team at Mindy Brownes. This launch was a massive success at some of Europe's leading interior design shows in Milan, Frankfurt and Paris. Over the years additional categories were adding to the brand and developed into a home décor brand selling across furniture, accessories, mirrors and wall art. Over 35 years on – we have been on a mission to create beautiful, sculpture, art and beautiful living pieces for your home. So that’s who we are – two brands, one company and one vision – Genesis and Mindy Brownes Interiors. 

Genesis Fine Arts Collection At Genesis Fine Arts we create two launches a year. These pieces are all designed in house and entails a lengthy design process of sketching, imagery, first clay to production. We have worked with many designers, product designers and artists over the years. In recent years the designs are now all created by creative director Lisa Collins, Tonys daughter. Lisa has grown up with the business and a love for product design became very natural to her. A combination of industry experience and a love for art and design the collection has grown over the years. A very special part of the collection includes the magic of Christmas. These pieces have become collectors’ items and are lovingly handed down from generation to generation. The nostalgic scenes like ‘Waiting for Santa’ or “ Collecting the Christmas Tree” have become iconic pieces valued in many peoples homes.

Mindy Brownes Collections From the start, the Mindy Brownes team has called on talented artisans from all over the world to bring its collection to life. Mindy Brownes Interiors, traditional yet timeless. We travel the world sourcing and designing elegant pieces. We are known for our love of lux décor, antique gold, velvets, marble, glass and crystal. Yet over the years our styles have evolved and changed yet staying true to our main desire of creating beautiful unique pieces at excellent quality. Our suppliers are skilled craftsmen and women who draw upon years of industry experience and product design skills. We thoroughly enjoy meeting with the very people that bring our products to life. What most people forget, is that lots of our products are not massed produced by machines but are lovingly hand crafted by an individual. Think of the beautiful hand applied paint finishes added to your oak furniture or hand-blown glass for your accessories, all pieces are a labour of love from start to finish. 

This is why we take such pride in our business. Every piece we introduce to the brand is created by us and for you with deep thought, consideration and a lot of chat on…Will people like this? 

At Genesis and Mindy Brownes Interiors we hope you continue to like what we do! It’s a business filled with creative, passionate people across management, design, sales and marketing. 

Thank you for taking to time to get to know us a little more!

The Founding of Genesis Fine Arts (1988)

Tony Collins establishes Genesis Fine Arts amidst the challenges of the 1980s. Inspiration: Tony's passion for sculpture and art drives the creation of the company. Key Players: Tony's wife, Jackie, plays a significant role in shaping the business's vision and strategy, and leads the retail division.

Expansion and Recognition (1988-2000)

Over a decade, Genesis Fine Arts evolves, becoming a cherished collection in Ireland and the UK. Growth: The brand grows its collection to include themes like Horses, Animals, Occasions, Love, Traditional, and Children. Reputation: Genesis becomes known for its high-quality bronze and resin sculptures.

Birth of Mindy Brownes Interiors (2000)

2000: Launch of Mindy Brownes Interiors, expanding into the home décor market. Initial Success: The new brand's lighting collection debuts successfully at major European interior design shows in Milan, Frankfurt, and Paris. Product Range: Over time, Mindy Brownes diversifies into furniture, accessories, mirrors, and wall art, maintaining a focus on elegant, timeless pieces.

Modern Era (2000-Present)

Genesis Fine Arts and Mindy Brownes Interiors continue to introduce new collections, with a focus on quality craftsmanship and unique designs as well as iconic pieces like our Christmas collection that has become treasured by many and passed down through generations. Family members Lisa and Ruth are now involved in the business across design, marketing and sales.
2000 - Present

Our Christmas TV Campaign

Our Genesis TV campaign was themed around rediscovering the magic of Christmas with a focus on nostalgia, and how unboxing our Genesis Christmas collection each year has become a Christmas tradition for many.
Aired: November & December 2024
Campaign Title: Rediscover The Magic Of Christmas.